With two separate families to support, Bill hasn’t the same financial luxury as some of the other characters. His low-key demeanor betrays a much more modest financial status, but in one episode it is revealed that he owns a dry cleaning business that launders money. He even stashes large sums of cash for emergencies, something he encourages Taylor to do.

Seems like a lost story telling opportunity to distance her from the action of the prosecution, when she could be pulling strings behind the scenes to save her man and her family. You’d think she knows the personality traits that come along with marrying a dude like Axe. All the evidence is pointing towards her being a piece of trash.

He would have managed to stay three steps ahead of Chuck and the Wendy-Axe’s probable storyline of having a romance would have either been scrapped or would have seen a new shell-shocking surprise in the form of an affair? These could be a possibility as ‘Billions’ is not alien to common practices in the present-day world. Axe’s new adversary, Mike Prince , was getting the better of him, Chuck got perilously close to stringing the billionaire up, and Wendy, now shown as his probable love interest is actually more interested in Nico Tanner . This has led to fans debating if it was time Akerman should be back on the show so the Axelrods could kick some ass. Finding huge success with its first two seasons, it was announced last month that BIllions was to return for a third series.

Thankfully, it’s mentioned in passing during one episode that Dollar Bill is worth roughly $30 million. While her loyalties are torn between her boss Axe and her husband Chuck , two bitter rivals, the relationship dynamic has not prevented Wendy Rhoades from doing well for herself. As a performance coach who trains Axe Capital employees how to handle huge monetary swings, Wendy is said to be worth roughly $20 million. Michelin stars are an internationally recognised rating system for restaurant quality. If you’re a chef, it’s a big deal for your restaurant to get one.

lara axelrod

After initial training by another highly skilled immortal swordsman, Ramirez , MacLeod lives on for several centuries, eventually settling in New York City, managing an antiques shop. In 1985, he falls in love with a police forensic scientist named Brenda. During season 3, Malin’s character lara axelrod finalizes her divorce from Damian Lewis’ Bobby “Axe” Axelrod.

This helps the referee determine if the boxer is functioning and alert enough to continue. If the boxer is unsteady on his feet, or seems unable to focus on the referee, the bout is ended on account of a TKO. It was designed to protect boxers by allowing the referee to step in and give an overwhelmed fighter an eight-second respite. Standing eight counts by the referee are scored the same as a knockdown, whether the boxer was knocked down or not.

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Thought to be a composite of real-life investors Peter Thiel and Stewart Butterfield, Oscar Langstraat is a billionaire venture capitalist from Silicon Valley who yanks his funds from Axe Capital in season 5. He does so in retaliation of Taylor, his new love interest, who returned to Axe against his wishes. It honestly feels like her part is written for the sole purpose of adding more female characters to the plot. These days everyone is so worried about PC backlash – it feels like they’re just giving her more power/scenes to have more female-centric storylines. A Showtime spokesperson, however, insists that should Billions snag a Season 5 (the show’s fourth season bows Sunday, March 17), Akerman will remain a part of the show, albeit on a recurring basis. The rep notes that the network adjusted the actress’ long-term contract to enable her to also pursue other series work.

Wear yours with everything from tailored trousers or a leather skirt to ripped boyfriend jeans on dressed down days. Due to his immense wealth, Axe tries to recruit Andalov to raise capital for his hedge fund. Andolov agrees at first, putting Axe in an advantageous position. However, Andolov reneged on the deal and invested his money in Taylor Mason capital instead, prompting Chuck to threaten him with legal action. If it weren’t for Bobby’s unfathomably expensive divorce, he would be twice as rich as he already is. Still, with an estimated $5 billion in holdings across all assets, Bobby is wealthy beyond belief.

lara axelrod

Moreover, if Axe has been managing Wags’ money since September 11, 2001, then he’s still doing extremely well. As Bobby’s second in command at Axe Capital, the eminently quotable Mike “Wags” Wagner has a personal stake in the company that has earned him roughly $200 million during his lifetime. Despite losing $15 million in the Lehman investment and living a lavish lifestyle full of cocaine and hard-partying, Wags earned a $9 million bonus from Axe during year-end. Making nearly a quarter-million dollars a year for his salary as US AG alone, Jock’s wily investments have led to a net worth somewhere around $200 million, which is the figure stated by the reporter Chuck secretly meets with. Hopefully, he returns to give Chuck even more hell in season 6.

Her one scene this week was being horrified at having to live a paired down lifestyle. Yeah if she was cut from the show, would anything really change? Axelrod probably only has a wife and kids so that the writers don’t have to deal with him being single and the escapades viewer would expect from a man in his position. On Billions Season 3, Akerman’s character, Lara Axelrod, finalized her divorce from Damian Lewis’ Bobby “Axe” Axelrod. The latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion week updates, culture reviews, and videos on Vogue.com. In 2015, Akerman starred in the feature film FINAL GIRLS, opposite Taissa Farmiga and Nina Dobrev, which made its world premiere at 2015’s SXSW Festival.

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In 2009 Akerman was seen in the comedy COUPLES RETREAT, opposite Vince Vaughn, Kristen Bell, Jason Bateman, and Jon Favreau, and co-starred in Zack Snyder’s blockbuster WATCHMEN. Stunning and stylish, Lara Axelrod is the picture of a billionaire’s wife. A former nurse, she grew up in a blue-collar family of police and firefighters and still thinks of herself as a tough girl from Inwood. Lara’s not afraid to marshal her considerable resources to protect her family — or to get what she wants. Recently divorced from drummer Roberto Zincone after six years of marriage, she’s now a single mom to the couple’s nearly 3-year-old son, Sebastian.

And when Bobby says he won’t be running either, to top it all off, she even looks disappointed. I would say that I mostly used aspects and moments of my own upbringing to create this character. There are many parallels between how Lara and I were raised. She has this incredible drive to constantly move forward and to prove her place in this world. We also both share this immense sense of family value—regardless of their wealth, Lara and Bobby Axelrod always make time for their children and for one another.

  • This was my all-time favorite moment of the show from Lara Axelrod.
  • Chuck Rhoades Sr. is an old-money realtor and New York investor who is seen to own multiple upscale residences on the show.
  • Axe’s new adversary, Mike Prince , was getting the better of him, Chuck got perilously close to stringing the billionaire up, and Wendy, now shown as his probable love interest is actually more interested in Nico Tanner .
  • While Akerman was drawn to her character’s strength, she also connected to Lara’s story of an outsider who is making her way to the top.

And we’re told the offers, some of which would conflict with a potential fifth season of Billions, are pouring in. It will be interesting to see how people react to her because of the things she does to protect her family and the business https://1investing.in/ she’s built. As an actor, when you slip into your wardrobe, you feel more like the character. It’s important to feel true to the person you have created. It is how we present ourselves to the world, how we want to be seen.

Paul Giamatti on his character Chuck in Season 4

With all the storylines happening, Season 5 could have seen a jolt with a Lara re-entry. June Raichlein , the widow of Rake Raichlen, one of Axe’s partners at the hedge fund that he worked at prior to Axe Capital, writes a book and one of the chapters is on Axe that would put him in a bad light and legal trouble. Lara’s mission sees her ruin June’s world — a cancelled registration from her Barre class, tee time in a spot and her son’s college admission to Stanford declined. Unfortunately this exact style has now sold out, but click to buy a similar version over at Farfetch.

lara axelrod

As an angel investor who turns small companies into behemoth corporations, Oscar’s immense wealth could play a key factor in season 6. Chuck Rhoades Sr. is an old-money realtor and New York investor who is seen to own multiple upscale residences on the show. At one point, he bestows his son Chuck Jr. with a $27 million trust fund, indicating that he has money to throw around in spades. Unfortunately, Chuck Jr. squandered the fund on the Ice Juice investment and nearly went bankrupt. Other indicators supporting Wags’ wealth include the time he casually donated $500,000 in season 1, which did not make a difference in his bank account.

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Lilly: But if you can leave Axe You give me courage, Lara.

Portraying one of the main characters on the Showtime drama series Billions, Malin Akerman stars as Lara Axelrod, the wife of billionaire hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod, portrayed by Damian Lewis. She was 37-years-old when the first season started filming in 2015. My personal favorite moment of the show from there Axelrod, is when Bobby Axelrod finds out he’s getting arrested, he runs upstairs barefoot freaking out, And tells his wife Lara to get the kids, they’re going to run away. For the first two seasons of Billions, Bobby’s domestic life was a consistent segment of the show’s action. After a day of high-powered manipulations, he’d speed down the highway toward Connecticut, where there was frequently drama of another sort.

Anyone familiar with the Harry Potter books or films will know that Dolores Umbridge is a half-blood witch who is a sinister Ministry bureaucrat and one-time Hogwarts teacher. The only person more detestable than Lara this year is the fucking AG. Anyone who makes CHUCK seem more humane is a fucking piece of shit. I would much rather see her character making moves on the social scene and fighting the battle alongside him that way than being disgruntled wife.

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