Daneric’s Elliott Waves 2020

Today was the worst day in a long-time market-internal wise. Bearish market internals are increasing, not decreasing. Well above an across-the-board 90% down day overall market wise. This https://www.wave-accounting.net/ very bearish down day is consistent with a concerted “kickoff” of a Minor wave 3 of down. Every major index finished beneath the previous pivot spike price low of the past few months .

Daneric’s Elliott Waves 2020

Either Minute traces much higher as shown in the first chart of this post or we get some variation as shown in the last 2 charts above. All paths lead to ultimate destruction we just need be patient. The next best count is that a small pop occurs and Minute price overlaps wave of 2 by a few points (see chart above for where wave of 2 price low is).

The Bubble Index And Danerics Elliott Wave Count Comparison

The beginning of God’s wrath happens the very same day of the rapture just like Sodom and Gomorrah and just like Noah in the flood. They were saved and then destruction started on the same day. Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci comes in with 3 “guards” and wants to give people the “vaccine”. The people, we, are raptured before they can give it. Microchip coming into the house when everyone was sleeping and passed everyone’s heads and eventually landed on the kitchen table.

The preferred count is that the market will make a concerted effort to rally again in Minute of Minor 3 of Intermediate . The market finally popped in what we count as Minute of Minor 3 of Intermediate wave . In theory, this is the last major rally wave prior to a “third of a third” wave down resulting in a technical and social mood sentimental breakdown of the market. The FED is operating the economy in reverse. It needs to increase the supply of loan funds, lowering interest rates, while keeping the supply of money unchanged. The 1966 Interest Rate Adjustment Act is the template. I’d say the US business cycle is about 90% nominal shocks and 10% real shocks.

updated wave count

Opinions about financial markets — even from professionals –; can widely vary. Learn how Elliott wave analysis can put the cryptocurrency’s price action into perspective. The “breaking” of this downtrend line was the heart of the panic selloff and was the steep “acceleration” downward of the overall wave structure. Look for something similar in 2022 to occur. The market is in a very similar setup except the times are shortened and the down sloping trendline is much steeper. The SPX wave chart below presents a potential extreme volatility view of the waves centered around the Fed meeting this week.

  • On the other hand, long run economic growth is nearly 100% determined by real factors.
  • Are likely to face more challenges in the coming months.
  • The best overall count is that the market is looking for Minute price low of Minor 3 of Intermediate down.
  • It would take a positive Zweig to cancel it out.
  • The 3 nations that must be subdued is again, Russia, China, and then ultimately – and lastly – Israel .

The primary function of this blog is to help YOU learn about options. It was a lot easier for me to be diligent about writing when I had time to sit at Starbucks as this was part of the routine. What are retained earnings But since the corona virus hit, my schedule has completely changed and so have my habits. Hopefully, things will be getting back to normal in the next two or three months and I will be back enjoying my routine like old times. I have a good amount just sitting there doing nothing so I might as well. I tried buying real estate daneric’s elliott wave too but it is ridiculous now to be a buyer so I am not going to even bother at this point. Do you know what’s happened on Daneric Elliott Wave’s blog.

Long Funeral Homes, Short Life Insurers? Ex-Blackrock Fund Manager Discovers Disturbing Trends In Mortality

But then the Antichrist gets assassinated (probably by a “Messianic” Jew) and is dead for 3 days. He is miraculously “resurrected” except he will be possessed by Satan himself. The Antichrist’s armies will trod down Jerusalem Daneric’s Elliott Waves 2020 and enter into the Temple – I propose it will be the Muslim “Dome of the Rock” – and proclaim himself to be God. The mark of the beast is implemented worldwide. Until Jesus of course comes in all power and glory.

I will continue to write under the name Dividends4Life. Welcome to Elliott Wave Trends and charts where we strive to bring the best of all forms of technical analysis out in an easy to read and understand format that can benefit all.

On Wednesday, Dowd noted that funeral home company Carriage Services saw a 28% increase in September 2021 vs. 2020, and a 13% increase in August vs. the same period. Funerals and cremations are up 12% and 13% respectively on the quarter. VAERS has been flooded with more than a million reports of various health problems and more than 21,000 death reports since the introduction of the vaccines in late 2020. Some experts and public officials have downplayed the significance of the reports, noting that just because a health problem occurs after getting the shot, it doesn’t mean it was caused by it. Despite economic carnage and a raging pandemic, housing prices remain steady. The latest ISM© manufacturing report noted that employers are having difficulty filling openings and keeping people once hired. The latest ISM© services report contained similar comments.

  • The wave structure supports the idea of an aggressive rally as outlined yesterday.
  • When doing macro, don’t start with changes in real variables.
  • The site’s focus is on stock analysis, dividend & value education, retirement planning and developing a positive winning attitude in life.
  • Government spending certainly has distributional effects, but I view that as fiscal policy.
  • Anyway, this is a market fueled by mania at the moment.
  • This weekend it was Africa, that Zelenskyy scolded for being lukewarm in regard to the war against Russia.

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