Business Advisory Services

The role of the Business Advisory Services is becoming pivotal due to the changing legislation, increased compliance requirements, and governance issues. Our Business Advisory Services liaison will assist you to meet your annual statutory obligations and recognize improvement opportunities in your corporate governance procedures.


Assistance With Business Consultations And Registration

We provide assistance on business consultations, registration, and Licensing such as:


Assistance In Registration With Tax Authorities

ally (16)

Assistance In Filing Annual Returns To BRELA

We are interested to assist you in the process of improving your current lending business and the establishment of a Microfinance Company.
Our work will be as follows:

ally (76)

Assistance In Microfinance Service Providers


Assistance In Filing Annual Returns To BRELA

Guidance to the Board of Directors on technical applications as per the Companies Act, No. 12 of 2002 and the Memorandum  Articles of association